Selling GULs or NLGs? Try this one on for size.

July 24 2018

by Steve Baum

If you haven’t taken a look at Lifetime Foundation ELITE, you probably should. I’m running several illustrations for this product and it’s highly appealing to clients.

Here’s why it’s worth taking a look at … the new product aims at death benefit products by offering a simple design, competitive premiums and market-leading guarantee durations. The product features a competitive premium at full-pay, ten-pay and single-pay scenarios for age ranges 50-65. It also eliminates policy charges after the age of 90, on a current, nonguaranteed basis. From what I’ve seen, premium strategies allow for cash values to carry the policy up to age 121, even when it’s ran at lower illustrated rates. It also provides:

  • Death benefit guarantee is up to the age of 90 or 40 years – whichever comes first.
  • Quotes have been competitive across many issue ages … even risk classes.
  • There are cost of insurance discounts and lower overall cumulative premiums with the Wellness for Life Rider.

If you’re working with clients and leaning toward NLG or GUL products, short pays, 1035 exchanges or looking for ways to move premium with a similar death benefit and eliminate future premiums, this might be a fit for your clients. And, if your clients have existing policies or considering GULs/NLGs, give us a call and let us run you an illustration for your clients.

Our industry preaches about policy reviews, let us do this for your clients. Simply get a copy of your client’s current statement and let us put our team to work for you. Our team is here to help you find opportunities and better your client’s future. It’s what we do, every day. Give us a call at 800.992.2642

Here are a few resources for your perusal:

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