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Unlike Prince, are your clients prepared?

Recent news releases regarding the untimely passing of music icon Prince indicate a storm brewing regarding value of his estate and “who gets what.” First in line for a large share of the inheritance are the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the State of Minnesota (where Prince resided in Paisley Park) to cover any estate… Read More

Part 2: Key Person Insurance in Motion

December 9 2015

by Creative Life Sales Team

The Sale Many advisors immediately think of a death benefit and a term insurance solution when processing a key person case. A more nuanced approach, however, uncovers many other aspects to consider and solutions besides the 10-year-term contract. Consider some of the ways a key employee may be lost to an employer: – Disability. –… Read More

Trusted Errors & Omissions Insurance through CreativeOne

Have Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times As a contracted producer with CreativeOne, you can receive a preferred rate on your Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance through our partnership with CalSurance. Improve the cash flow of your business Two tiers of coverage means you only pay for the coverage you need Installment plans are available… Read More

Life insurance policy review can generate leads

Potential clients often lurk in plain sight. You don’t need to cold call, host a seminar or ask for referrals to find them. You already know them; you just need to look beyond your current relationship and think about that individual’s potential life insurance needs. Think about someone you know fairly well who isn’t a current… Read More

Concierge Underwriting and the $60 Million Life Case–Part II

This is Part II of an article (Read Part I here) that details an actual life insurance case submitted and placed through CreativeOne. Names and other identifying factors have been changed or omitted to protect the privacy of the parties involved.  Concierge Underwriting to the Rescue Pete’s case presented other challenges beyond its size, namely… Read More

Concierge Underwriting and the $60 Million Life Case–Part I

The following article details an actual life insurance case submitted and placed through CreativeOne. Names and other identifying factors have been changed or omitted to protect the privacy of the parties involved. As the chaos of one of the nation’s busiest airports buzzed around him, “Pete” relaxed in the terminal on a May afternoon waiting… Read More

Beyond the death benefit with life insurance

An alternative way to diversify: life insurance can offer a competitive portfolio option with less volatility. Many clients today are looking for a way to diversify their portfolios without taking more risk than they can confidently handle. Yet, when they think about life insurance, they only think in terms of the benefits surrounding protection against… Read More

Business Owner: Position Yourself as a Highly Sought Resource

Our country is on the leading edge of the greatest transfer of wealth America has ever seen. Boomer generation business owners transferring their companies to family members or others account for this tidal wave of wealth.  With that in mind, Forbes contributor Steve Parrish wrote “How to Retain Control, Even As You Exit.” It’s a… Read More

Assist Baby Boomers on the Cusp of Exiting Their Businesses

You can be a valuable asset to your baby boomer clients and gain two sales in the process. We’ve seen the reported spike in capturing the business-owner market in journals and media. The increased attention is because the United States has 10,000 new baby boomers each day, and some of these boomers are business owners… Read More

Placing A Policy On Jekyll & Hyde

The old saying “things aren’t always what they seem” is one that proves itself true time and time again in the life insurance business. Just when you think you have a client completely figured out, you may learn something about his or her lifestyle that dramatically alters the case design, underwriting outcome or both. And sometimes the most conservative business clients can lead the most unconventional lifestyles outside of the office. The next time you have a business insurance case that isn’t what it seems, consider identifying all of your options and alternatives to ensure that you don’t let opportunity slip through your fingers. THE FACTS