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Strong Strategies for Estates and Wealth Transfer

Join the discussion as The Lafayette Life Insurance Company takes a look at estate strategies, wealth-transfer techniques, and the ways in which life insurance may play a role. Estate Strategies 101 July 21 at 11:30 a.m. CDT Presented by Michael J. Buckner, CLU, ChFC, CPC, QPA, QKA Register >> All of a client’s assets in… Read More

Winning Over Clients’ Heirs

The wonder of the holiday season is upon us. The holidays: one of the only times in the year when families get together to share old memories and traditions while making new ones. Delicious food and a happy atmosphere present an opportunity for financial advisors to get acquainted with multi-generational family members while they are… Read More

Retirement Income Plans Simplified with IMAX

The Income Maximizer or IMAX is an easy to understand retirement income planning software program that helps producers create retirement income plans for their clients. IMAX helps give a producer’s product recommendations validity as it shows their effect on a client’s retirement income picture. Many Americans today do not spend the necessary time analyzing what their… Read More

Old McDonald Had a Farm — and Some Outdated Life Policies

How to approach a family farming operation and ensure their current life insurance policies best suits their family’s growing needs. Here’s how one producer enlisted the expertise of his CreativeOne Life Sales Team to boost his client’s life insurance benefits and enhance his revenue.   A CreativeOne Case Study The agricultural community is fertile ground… Read More

Good Things Come In Threes

January 12 2012

by Creative Life Sales Team

In last month’s Case Consulting feature, we discussed a situation in which a client was looking for upside earning potential with no downside market risk for an asset he wanted to leave for loved ones. Given his particular situation, Creative Marketing helped identify an annuity that met his needs and gave him the flexibility he desired. However, it’s possible that similar needs for a different client would lend themselves to a life insurance conclusion. If you have clients who are uninsured or underinsured and are looking for tax-free savings potential, consider offering them the benefits afforded by life insurance. And just like many good things, they often come in threes.