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IRS changing tax treatment of advisory fees

The IRS has changed the rules—and it might benefit you and your clients. Previously, registered investment advisers (RIAs) could not pull an advisory fee from an annuity in their client’s account without creating a “taxable event.” Now, the IRS has reversed that rule, allowing RIAs to pull advisory fees from the cash value of a… Read More

Athene BCA Elevate™ Is Here

August just got a lot hotter! BCA Elevate offers one of the strongest combinations of both accumulation potential and guaranteed income available today! Below are links to the new lineup of consumer materials; featuring the new Merrill Lynch RPM Index™, 3 new income riders and the enhanced death benefit rider. Access Marketing Materials: New Merrill Lynch RPM… Read More

The Blitz: Don’t Get Declined, Use a Proper Design

The Blitz from VOYA: 15-minute sales ideas used by successful agents. Proper IUL Design Monday & Tuesday | 1PM Central Join the meeting >> Call in: 888.311.2948 Participant code: 962542 This week you’ll learn: Optimal funding schedules. How to minimize cost of insurance. Withdrawals vs. loans. How to maximize distributions.   Upcoming Webinars Client profile:… Read More

CreativeOne Offers First-To-Market Turnkey Asset Management Platform for Fixed Indexed Annuities to RIAs

ChangePath Next-Gen TAMP

CreativeOne is excited to announce it has partnered with ChangePath, a next-generation turnkey asset management platform (TAMP). This exclusive opportunity gives CreativeOne producers a competitive advantage because we’re the only agent development organization bringing this to the market. ChangePath’s groundbreaking technology brings together actuarial product development, insurance professionals, third-party asset managers, sub advisors and principal owners of large… Read More

Demonstrate the potential of balanced allocation annuities with Efficient Frontier

The Annexus Research Institute has unveiled a new web-based tool that demonstrates the impact of balanced allocation annuities on a client’s or prospect’s portfolio. Efficient Frontier, powered by Ibbotson Associates, allows users to model select retirement portfolio case studies using Ibbotson’s Efficient Frontier Framework for both accumulation and income optimization. You can run comparisons between two portfolios:… Read More

A Multi-faceted Solution For A Secure Future

February 14 2012

by Creative Life Sales Team

The month of February leads many people to think of everything from cupids and engagements to roses and diamonds. Merriam-Webster defines the word diamond as “a native crystalline carbon that is the hardest known mineral that is usually near colorless.” Most women define diamonds as the ultimate gift of love. The true beauty of a diamond can be enhanced by the proper cutting of the stone – known as faceting. This process is designed to allow the gem to reflect light and must be carefully adjusted to maximize optical performance.