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Global Atlantic Underwriting Advantage: High Net Worth Foreign Nationals

February 21 2018

by CreativeOne - www.creativeone.com

If you did not have the opportunity to join Global Atlantic’s webinar last week reviewing their Foreign National Underwriting Program, you are in luck. Here is a link so you can listen to a recording of the webinar at your leisure. Bill Crane – VP of Advanced Markets, highlights the important details of our Foreign National Underwriting Program… Read More

Expedite Underwriting and Get Paid Faster

Whether it’s a new baby or a new home, if your client is ready to take the next step in responsibility for their loved ones, we’re here to help you streamline the life insurance process. How we submit life insurance is evolving, every month there are new express app platforms, streamlined simplified processes and more… Read More

Amiss Table Rating & Maneuverability

Technology adoption, advancements in medical treatments and the wide array of pharmaceutical products are making a larger impact on how we all do business. And, in this case success story, we see the importance of reviewing carrier offers and not taking them at face value. Maneuverability in Health Class Ratings With the subjective underwriting process… Read More

Three Tips for Successful Field Underwriting

Good field underwriting is critical in the life insurance sales process for clients, producers and insurance carriers alike, as it allows producers to set realistic expectations for their clients. When the client knows what to expect, the underwriting process is smoother, less confusing and less time consuming for all parties involved. For a producer, good… Read More

Fast-Track Applications & Speed-up Revenue

A streamlined approach for underwriting and placement. It’s time to move faster with Principal Accelerated Underwriting One of the biggest challenges in life insurance is the lengthy underwriting process. Anytime you can streamline that process and get the insured a policy quickly is a win — that’s where Accelerated Underwriting comes in. Accelerated Underwriting from the… Read More

“I Gotta Guy” with Diabetes

September 19 2014

by CreativeOne - www.creativeone.com

How does diabetes affect underwriting? Diabetes Mellitus describes a group of metabolic diseases where the blood glucose (blood sugar) is elevated due to inadequate insulin production and/or body cells that do not respond properly to insulin. Individuals with diabetes often experience frequent urination (polyuria), increase thirst (polydipsia), and frequent hunger (polyphagia). There are two main… Read More

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Preparing clients for the underwriting process

Preparing clients for the underwriting process will help you avoid the “it’s not done yet” speech. Underwriting has always been a hurdle to jump over when applying for life insurance. With new regulations imposed on insurance companies, home office underwriters take a conservative approach in properly evaluating your client’s medical history.  This not only creates delays but… Read More

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“I Gotta Guy” with Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)

Increasing cases of Atrial Fibrillation, also known as AFib, are being diagnosed every year. Therefore, you will likely see more clients with a history of AFib. We as field underwriters should be prepared to recognize AFib, symptoms, and types of treatment. AFib is an irregular and often rapid heart rate that commonly causes poor blood… Read More

Concierge Underwriting and the $60 Million Life Case–Part II

This is Part II of an article (Read Part I here) that details an actual life insurance case submitted and placed through CreativeOne. Names and other identifying factors have been changed or omitted to protect the privacy of the parties involved.  Concierge Underwriting to the Rescue Pete’s case presented other challenges beyond its size, namely… Read More

Concierge Underwriting and the $60 Million Life Case–Part I

The following article details an actual life insurance case submitted and placed through CreativeOne. Names and other identifying factors have been changed or omitted to protect the privacy of the parties involved. As the chaos of one of the nation’s busiest airports buzzed around him, “Pete” relaxed in the terminal on a May afternoon waiting… Read More