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21 Statistics About SMS Marketing You Need to Know

SMS marketing has become a popular way for businesses to approach potential prospects without being intrusive or seem “pesky.” Recently, text messaging has proven its superiority as a communication platform. It’s accessible, fast and multifunctional. Using text messaging to market to your clients and prospects can be an effective way to inform them of any… Read More

Make Publicity Your Best Friend

Capitalize on your knowledge and expertise in your own local market with Instant Authority. Our program not only guarantees your appearance on your local news station or in a major publication, but positions you as an expert, helps you gain credibility and trust and builds brand awareness in your community. Let’s face it—publicity matters. Publicity… Read More

2017 Digital Marketing Trends for Financial Services

Marketing your business is a continuous process. A few years ago, a mailed letter and invitation to a presentation along with a no-obligation lunch was a great way to reach prospects. Today, your clients probably pay more attention to email than paper mail. You need to find ways to reach them where they live—online—without ending… Read More

Women Face Different Retirement Income Planning Challenges

Have you noticed certain challenges that affect women when it comes to retirement income planning and savings? It’s important to know about these challenges, and create a strategy to combat them, so they may live a comfortable retirement. A startling insight: 70 percent of women leave their advisor after the death of or divorce from… Read More

Part 3: Niche Alert – You Don’t Know BOES-NQDC

February 17 2016

by Creative Life Sales Team

Niche Alert: You Don’t Know BOES — NQ Deferred Compensation Did you know Principal’s nonqualified deferred compensation (NQDC) platform is available to all CreativeOne advisors and producers? What may not be apparent is how to use it to win cases and grow your revenue. Whether you need front-end resources like training and fact finders or largely misunderstood elements like… Read More

Are You Marketing to Women Effectively?

December 22 2015

by CreativeOne -

Women Only is a proven lead-generation, direct-response program that helps you market more effectively toward females. Did you know boomer women are the largest segment of women, the highest spending and the fastest growing?1 CreativeOne’s Women Only program maps out strategies designed to yield consistent results when trying to reach the female audience. We help… Read More

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Advertising on Facebook

Established in 2004, Facebook has quickly grown to become by far the largest social network in the world, making it a critical part of the digital marketing mix for almost any type of business. The social media giant presents a range of advertising opportunities for businesses of any size, including objective-based targeted advertising in addition… Read More

Making it with Millennials: How to Build Trust

In my last article “Why Annuities are Appealing,” I described how the effect of the recession, corporate scandals and 9/11 left Millennials feeling distrustful of large institutions wanting to invest our money in the stock market and why we find annuities so appealing. In this article, I will explain how you can best reach my… Read More

Making it with Millennials: Why Annuities are Appealing

In the annuity world, the big buyers are men and women age 50 and up who are nearing retirement and looking for guaranteed retirement income. But have you ever considered the other end of the age spectrum? I’m 24 years old and have been in the work force for six months. I graduated with honors… Read More

Business Accelerator Breaks Industry Standard

I’ve worked at several ad agencies throughout my career and have never been part of a more innovative program that breaks the industry standard than CreativeOne’s Business Accelerator. It launched in January and is unlike anything I’ve seen before. Everyone knows about the 80/20 rule. What’s the important thing to understand about this rule? There… Read More