Mobilize Sales Concept: Route 65

Have clients looking to maximize their Social Security benefits? North American’s new Mobilize video and sales concept could help.

Mobilize Sales Concept: Route 65

Take Bob, for example
Age: 62
Preferred retirement age: 65
Financial situation:
• Healthy, happily and productively working at an annual salary of $80,000
• Comfortable level of personal savings
• Not counting on Social Security so he can afford to wait for it

In this theoretical scenario, Bob’s financial road map has him on course to retire at 65, and he isn’t willing to compromise on that destination. With just a slight detour, an annuity from North American Company for Life and Health Insurance® can guide him to an “exit” further down the road. It’s one way to maximize his lifetime Social Security payments.

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25070Z REV 4-19

The term financial professional is not intended to imply engagement in an advisory business in which compensation is not related to sales. Financial
professionals that are insurance licensed will be paid a commission on the sale of an insurance product.
Annuity products and riders are issued by North American Company for Life and Health Insurance®, West Des Moines, IA. Product features, riders and
options may not be available in all states or appropriate for all clients. See product brochures and disclosures for further details and limitations.
1 Full retirement age and payout percentages by actual retirement age that apply to you vary based on your birthdate. Refer to these Social Security
Administration resources for your specifics.
• Increase for delaying beyond full retirement age:
• Full retirement age:
2 Retirement Planner: When To Start Your Benefits:

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