Life Insurance Can Change Lives—Ask Sarah W.

Life comes at you fast. September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, so in honor of what you do for your clients, we’ve put together a true story to share. If you want, you can show it to your clients this September.

Meet Sarah W.

In May 2014, Sarah W.’s world changed forever with the sudden, unexpected death of her husband, an event that devastated Sarah and her eight-year-old son, Shea, and one that left them in an uncertain financial position. But shortly after his death, Sarah discovered the extent to which Barney had prepared for the worst day of their lives—he had purchased life insurance. The insurance policies her husband had taken out allowed her the freedom to leave her job, devote her full attention to her son, and begin a new journey on a path to healing, together.

Tell Your Clients

Feel free to share this video on your social media channels in September, and to email it to your clients. You’re welcome to use this text, too. It’s our gift to you. In fact, we’ve edited a version for you. Don’t forget to personalize it by including your clients’ names.

Send Us Your Stories

Sarah W.’s story is just one of hundreds. We’re sure you’ve heard many from your own clients. If one of your clients would like to share their story, and to help others know just how important life insurance can be, we’d be happy to take a look.

Send us stories, and we’ll evaluate them. If any seem like a good fit, we’ll consider telling them to a wider audience. Give us a call at 800.992.2642 and let’s discuss.


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