Help keep your clients exposed to equities with a level of protection

Tools for Your Clients to Understand How Shield Can Help.


Brighthouse ShieldSM Annuities are designed to help clients take advantage of the growth opportunities equities offer while providing a level of protection in down markets. These tools can help clients see it in action. Give your clients a “hands-on” lesson with the Shield Interactive Charts Tool. With it, they can:

  • See how Shield works in up, down, and flat markets
  • Analyze how Shield performs based on the current Cap Rates and Step Rates
  • Find helpful product definitions
  • Download and save the charts most helpful to them

View the Interactive Charts Tool

The Customization Guide outlines the client’s Shield strategy.
In just a few steps, clients can see for themselves their potential growth opportunity along with their investment’s level of protection.

View the Customization Guide

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