Get Smart And Control The Chaos

by Eloise Glaspie Life Sales Relationship Manager

Many of us remember the comedy television series “Get Smart” from the late 1960s in which Don Adams starred as Maxwell Smart, an amateurish secret agent who foiled world-takeover plots and somehow always came out on top. In his professional life, he worked for CONTROL, a counter-intelligence agency, in an effort to defeat KAOS, an international organization of evil. Whether you’ve seen the series or even the 2008 feature film based on the show, the activities that take place in your professional life to run a successful business aren’t really all that different.

First off, you’re constantly gathering information about clients, prospects and policies that you need to be able to make sense of at any given time. If you’re not in control of the data and details at your fingertips, you’re destined for chaos. But finding the right system for keeping your clients’ personal information safe, secure and accessible can be difficult. In fact, we hear from many captive/career agents that the responsibility of keeping these facts and figures organized without assistance or software from their BGAs can be one of the most intimidating realities of going independent. If you’re looking for a solution to streamline information management in your practice, consider getting smart with the SmartOffice CRM.



A proven Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can quickly transform your business and the way your office operates, especially one that is as robust as SmartOffice. SmartOffice was developed specifically for insurance agents and financial advisors to help strengthen client relationships, manage and track policies and investments, and create customized reporting that drives better business decisions. That’s why we at Creative Marketing and Creative Life have chosen SmartOffice as our CRM of choice and offer it to our contracted producers at discounted rates through our Dynamic Marketing Portal*.

Let’s a take look at just a few of the ways this system could streamline your business and simplify the organizational demands placed on your precious time. For example, if you keep paper files on all of your clients and need to take information to any client meetings out of the office, it can be cumbersome and risky to carry around what’s contained in those files. With SmartOffice, you have online, on-demand access to any and all policy specifics, reporting data, compliance numbers, client records and investment details you might need to discuss or look up. More importantly, the web-based platform ensures your information is backed up and secure, so you don’t run the risk of losing data if your computer crashes or putting your clients’ personal data into the wrong hands if papers fall out of your traditional files.

SmartOffice features one easy-to-use, customizable interface that will support you and the way you work. Once you’ve entered any client or policy information, you can eliminate errors and duplicate efforts by never having to copy it into other locations or retype it again. There are a variety of modules you can use tailored to the services you provide, whether you’re a financial advisor managing multiple lines of business, an insurance agent looking to build and maintain a profitable practice, or a brokerage/general agency in need of integrated management and reporting tools to reduce case processing time. SmartOffice even offers a mobile option for accessing information via your smartphone or tablet for increased flexibility.


Not only will the SmartOffice CRM help you organize your office, save time, and provide a seamless operating platform for you and your staff, it will put you on the road to providing better client service in no time. With just a mouse click, you’ll be able to connect with clients at any time and document your communication history. You’ll also be able to monitor contacts and connections you make through any marketing initiatives, and create specific reporting to keep your relationship-building goals on track with clients and prospects alike. As necessary, you can even create consolidated reports for your clients regarding their policies and investment performance.

Whether you have a recently built business with a few hundred contacts or a multi-line agency with thousands of connections, you’ll be able to access the information you need anywhere, anytime – all while increasing the personal level of service that secures your position as your clients’ most trusted agent or advisor. And when your productivity increases, your sales are likely to do the same.

It doesn’t take the intel of a secret agent to understand why implementing a tailored CRM can dramatically improve the rate of success for agents and advisors. If you’ve been considering making the transition into becoming an independent agent, don’t let fears of disorganization or inefficiency hold you back. Instead, choose to work with a partner who understands your needs and develops relationships with vendors, carriers and industry leaders to meet them. Get smart, and contact your Annuity Sales Consultant or Life Sales Relationship Manager to get started with SmartOffice today.

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