DOL Fiduciary Rule: Submit Your Comments Today

As you know, the DOL fiduciary rule is scheduled to take effect April 10, 2017. The proposal is a 60-day delay (until June 9) of the applicability date of the rule, allowing more time for the DOL to assess the impact on businesses and the public pursuant to the new administration’s February 3 directive. Currently, they are taking comments in regards to this rule.

CreativeOne stands strong that although some parts of this rule are necessary, some parts are impracticable, and will significantly impact our agents’ and advisors’ businesses. We encourage you to submit a comment letter in support of the proposed delay prior to the March 17 deadline.   

We want our industry’s voice to be heard. The National Association of Fixed Annuities (NAFA) has developed a draft letter for you to use or you can customize as you see fit.

Submit your letter here.

We believe it’s imperative the new administration hears from our agents and advisors whose businesses this rule will impact.

Thank you for your consideration.

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