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Why I Moved to Client One

Why I Moved to Client One and Why You Should Too For the past few decades, I’ve been working for privately owned broker dealers in the Kansas City area. What I loved best about the brokerage, was the family-feel. I wasn’t certain I could find another relationship-driven broker-dealer when the brokerage merged with a corporate-driven… Read More

IUL Sales Tool – Tax-Smart Retirement

May 23 2017

by Creative Life Sales Team

I was in your shoes. I’m a former NWM advisor who sold life insurance. Here’s a strategy I created and have shared with many advisors. This strategy has helped dozens of practices take their minuscule life insurance revenue and turn it into six-digit figures. Here’s why. If you’re not talking about the importance of tax… Read More

Q&A with CreativeOne’s New President

Want to get to know CreativeOne’s new president, partner and CEO? We sat down with the man himself, Mike Miller, and asked him the questions we thought you’d like to know. Read on to learn more. Tell us about yourself and your professional background. I’ve been in the industry since 1989 when Mark Heitz, one… Read More

It’s in Your “Best Interest” to Know the DOL Fiduciary Rule’s Ins and Outs

A Word from Mike Tripses I’m beginning to wonder if this isn’t the most all-consuming U.S. presidential news cycle in history. It’s hard to get news that doesn’t lead back to America’s decision about a single person for one governmental position (VPs not withstanding). I believe some of this stems from the continuing expansion of… Read More

A Word from the Wise: Stephen Stricklin

A Word from the Wise features expertise from industry-related professionals to put you at the top of your game. When Stephen Stricklin founded Wise Wealth LLC, he was motivated by the desire to bring financial wisdom to his clients. A former teacher and counselor, Stephen understands the role knowledge plays in wealth management and preservation… Read More

CreativeOne: Best Equipped to Serve You

I’ve never been much of an “I remember when … ” person, but occasionally I’m persuaded by how much things have changed as I sit here typing this on a flight to Florida while listening to a shuffle of my iTunes, reviewing 44-meg worksheets. I remember in the late 80s doing evaluations of insurance company… Read More

Three Tips for Successful Field Underwriting

Good field underwriting is critical in the life insurance sales process for clients, producers and insurance carriers alike, as it allows producers to set realistic expectations for their clients. When the client knows what to expect, the underwriting process is smoother, less confusing and less time consuming for all parties involved. For a producer, good… Read More

Doubts about Evolved Indexing?

My wife and I and some friends had the pleasure of experiencing New York City at Christmas this year. A centerpiece of the trip was the concert by Andre’ Boccelli at Madison Square garden. The virtuoso performance by the world-renowned blind Italian tenor was to weep for, as he was accompanied by a symphony, a… Read More

2015 Insurance Carrier Landscape

From the president

Many of our partner companies are in the midst of planning for 2015, as are we at CreativeOne, and I imagine you are for your business or agency as well.  We are drawing some conclusions about the manufacturers of life insurance and annuities and their plans for 2015. Fixed index annuity (FIAs) sales now dominate… Read More

Now Is the New ‘Golden Age’ As We Advise Clients

One of my colleagues, Paul McGillivray, recently graced me with his paperback copy of The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid, Bill Bryon’s paean to growing up in Des Moines, Iowa in the halcyon decade of the 50s and the tumultuous 60s. Growing up in the Des Moines area myself, born but 4 years… Read More