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Checkups 101 … Advisors and dentists aren’t too different

A critical key to building a dental profession is connecting with people and helping them feel comfortable. So much so, clients continue to come back to the dentist looking for potential hazards of the trade… brushing habits, teeth grinding, gum health, and dental decay. Dentists continually assess current symptoms, but help us outmaneuver poor behaviors… Read More

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If Indexed Universal Life Was Like Football

OK football fans, if you’re tiptoeing in the IUL market, take a look at NACOLAH’s flyer on IUL. It has a great analogy that shows the main advantages of index accounts that shields from negative returns through a zero-percent floor.  Right now, NACOLAH’s IUL is one of our leading products—it’s well priced and has excellent… Read More

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Have you checked out the most recent enhancements of Symetra’s IUL?

Symetra has introduced crediting strategy additions and new illustration updates. These changes deliver better illustrative performance at a broader range of illustrative rates. Symetra has added new Base Index Strategies to Accumulator IUL, for a total of nine diversified index crediting strategies.¹ Base Index Strategies: Guaranteed credits, lower participation rates and/or index caps. The new… Read More

Probability & Interest Returns

Capped vs. Uncapped Life Products CreativeOne is known for being the leader in life insurance income. Join us as we evaluate capped vs. uncapped interest options for unlimited growth potential. Further your understanding on how to use income strategies as we review back-tested performance to analyze probability and the various accumulation methods used to drive insurance… Read More

Bridge the Reverse Discrimination Gap

Join us and be one of the first to market risk management with a fresh perspective.

So called “reverse discrimination” may be a good problem to have, but it is a problem nonetheless. In fact, for the highly compensated executive it can crop up in multiple places: retirement plans, group life insurance and group disability insurance to name a few. Bridging the gap caused by reverse discrimination can be challenging. The… Read More