And We’re Live…Why LinkedIn Live is a Great Tool

September 16 2019

by Kati Hess

Have you received a notification in the last couple of months letting you know you have gained access to LinkedIn Live?

Yes? No? Either way, you’re not alone. LinkedIn Live is one of LinkedIn’s newest rollout features being used to help stay on track and (in some cases) ahead of the crowd when it comes to the comparison game among social media platforms. Only a select few accounts have been granted access to LinkedIn Live and this is because it’s in its beta-testing stage and not designed for a platform-wide play, yet.

Let’s take a step back though: What is LinkedIn Live? If you are envisioning Facebook Live and Instagram Live then you’re not far off. This is the same premise but it looks a little different and is designed to be used in a different way. LinkedIn Live allows individuals and organizations to broadcast video content to their network in real-time.¹

The goal of this new feature? To increase engagement by showcasing brand personality, knowledge, experience, and offerings in real-time. We understand that while we are excited about this new feature, it can also be overwhelming to some as it is yet again another thing you can add to your already full social media schedule. LinkedIn understands this as well and has created a best practices guide to help better understand the feature, its capabilities, dos and don’ts, and to answer any FAQ’s.

Why are we so excited about this new feature? Because it allows us to take advantage of a platform we feel comfortable in in an entirely new way. We have posted video content in the past but it has always been prerecorded and a bit “manicured” but this will let us take advantage of users currently engaging on LinkedIn and capture their attention minute by minute. And at the same time it allows us to showcase our brand personality a bit more and in a more authentic way.

For example, a LinkedIn Live stream captures 24x more comments than a native video.² Even if you only receive a couple of comments per native video post, you’ve already increased your engagement tenfold just by using the live stream feature.

There is a great opportunity for all LinkedIn users to engage with current connections and reach potential connections through a live streaming video content strategy. While this feature is not available to all users or pages, we can still learn and prepare by tuning into other LinkedIn Live streams now and preparing a game plan for when we have the feature in our hands.

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