3-C Controlled Approach to Retirement Security

Do you look forward to reviewing your annual Social Security statement online? It’s fun to see how much the government “promises” it will provide when you retire, isn’t it?

When you think about it, though, you realize you have no control over this government benefit. No control over how much you’re required to pay in Social Security taxes. No control on how you receive the benefits.

With Aviva USA’s TargetHorizon 10 and TargetHorizon 15 annuity series, clients can take control. They can fund the annuity with as much money as they want – and choose one of the innovative, simple income rider solutions for Lifetime Income Payments and other benefits.

By giving clients more control, you also give them choices, clarity and a sense of calm.


With TargetHorizon clients can choose how their income can accrue and how the benefits are paid out. Since it’s not one-size-fits-all, these options provide each client a way to meet his or her goals and provide an income for life:

  • TargetPay: This rider provides fixed Lifetime Income Payments. Clients who intend to annuitize their income sooner rather than later might choose this option.
  • TargetPay Plus: With this rider, clients can apply their income credits, if any, for a compounding effect to increase their Lifetime Income Payments. Clients have a chance to receive more interest credits the longer they wait to receive annuity income.

Clients can wait to make their decisions about how to receive their income right before their annuity pay-outs begin. Again, they have choices. They can opt for either:

  • Level Income: This provides a steady retirement paycheck in which the guaranteed amount doesn’t change during a client’s lifetime. A simple solution if a client wants no surprises on the horizon.
  • Inflation-Adjusted Income: With this option, a retirement paycheck starts out lower than a level-income benefit. However, it has the potential to increase each year based on Consumer Price Index movements. A suitable option during an uncertain economy.**

Plus, TargetReserve gives clients the option to defer income they don’t need right away, acting like a “piggy bank” they can use for unexpected future needs.


With either the TargetPay or the TargetPay Plus clients receive a Statement of Benefits where they clearly see the annual amounts of their:

  • Guaranteed lifetime income benefit*
  • Guaranteed income if confined benefit

The Statement of Benefits is similar to the statement that the Social Security Administration provides each year.


The industry’s first Confinement Income Benefit can triple your clients’ income to cover health care costs if admitted to a qualified care facility.*** This extra peace of mind comes in handy as healthcare costs continue to rise.

This benefit is built into both TargetPay and TargetPay Plus.

With TargetHorizon’s riders, along with the annuities’ indexed interest crediting strategy, you can give clients growth potential and benefits to last a lifetime.

For more information on the TargetHorizon, visit www.creativemarketing.net/targethorizon.


TargetHorizon 10 Annuity [TBS10 (9/12)], TargetHorizon 10 Select [TBS10 (9/12)NB], TargetHorizon 15 Annuity [TBS 15 (9/12)], TargetPay Income Benefit Rider [TBSIRF (9/12)], TargetPay Plus Income Benefit Rider [TBSIRI (9/12)] or state variations are issued by Aviva Life and Annuity Company, West Des Moines, IA. Products not available in all states. Product features, limitations and availability vary by state; see the Certificate of Disclosure for details. Annuities are not FDIC insured; guarantees provided by annuities are subject to the financial strength of the issuing insurance company. Withdrawals from TargetReserve℠ do not impact the Maximum Lifetime Income Benefit amount.

* Assuming no withdrawals are taken prior to accessing the Lifetime Income Benefit. Any withdrawals will reduce the Lifetime Income Benefit amounts.

** Increases only applied on the contract anniversary for a limited number of contract anniversaries after Lifetime Income Benefits have commenced. The percent of the increase may be limited.

*** See the TargetPay and TargetPay Plus Income Benefit Riders Certificate of Disclosure for full eligibility requirements. If you are released from your qualified care facility, your rider income will adjust back to the original level. The Confinement Income Benefit is not available in all states.

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