Make the Break from Captivity and Embrace Independent’s Day

The blueprint you need to transition your business with ease

A life in insurance sales can be very rewarding. But living within the constraints of the career system can be challenging at the same time, which is why I transitioned from a captive agent to an independent agent. If you’ve considered transitioning part or all of your business to access a wider variety of products and resources, now is the perfect time to lay out plans for grabbing hold of the opportunity at your fingertips.

Our Life Team can help you if you’ve struggled with:

  • Losing larger premium insurance cases to other independent agents
  • Lack a suite of resources that can address diverse client needs and medical impairments
  • Want to enhance your revenue stream

Do the right thing for yourself – and your clients

Withthumbnail_blueprint-guide a customized blueprint for success and the CreativeOne Life Sales Team to handle all of your needs, you can enjoy life as an independent advisor while getting more policies placed more efficiently than ever before. To find out more about who we are, with more than 25 carriers with whom we do business and how we can help you achieve new levels of success, access our handy evaluation checklist today.



13459 - 2014/6/10

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