Join us for a trip to Grand Cayman in 2015


CreativeOne goes to great lengths to find out-of-this-world destinations for our annual incentive trips. We send scouts around the globe in search of venues that provide award-winning amenities, relaxation, adventure and culture. In 2013, our qualifying producers experienced an Epic trip to Europe. This year, we regale our qualifiers in Splendor at the renowned Resort… Read More

Busting Five Myths of Using Online Life Applications


  Except for early adopters, most of us might shy away from new tech tools. But as we’ve seen over the past 20 years with technology, if you snooze, you lose. And losing means competitors jump ahead of you, business may slack, and your bottom line might take a hit. We realize that sometimes the… Read More

Athene to conduct website usability research

Back to school

Beginning February 4, Athene (formerly Aviva USA), will be contacting a small group of clients and agents who will be asked to provide feedback on (currently and Athene Connect (currently Aviva Connect). The company said the results will be used during the process of rebranding the websites. Download the full announcement.

Professional Designations are not Created Equal


Continuing education is a critical part of a producer’s practice and a great way to maximize your potential. It is also important to communicate your credentials to clients and prospects through the use of professional designations. But not all industry education programs are created equal. While many of the well-known designations (CLU, CFP, ChFC, REBC)… Read More

The Most Trusted Partner to Maximize Your Potential


Today we launched a new era of service to independent producers. Today we introduced our OneTeam, OneVoice and OneVision concept to the annuities, life insurance and securities industries. Today we unveiled CreativeOne. As you are aware, Will Moneymaker and I purchased the company from Aviva USA in a transaction that closed October 1, 2013. Our… Read More

AARP: Social Security Another Magical Stimulus – Part 2

Supporting the fight for the (SAFE) Retirement Act of 2013

Read Part I of this article here. AARP’s premise:  “Social Security Generates $1.4 Trillion in Economic Activity and Supports More Than 9 Million Jobs.”  [AARP Press Center, October 1, 2013](1) Fact:  Social Security paid out $775 billion in retirement, survivor, and disability payments in 2012. AARP asserts the well-known “Multiplier Effect.” Supposedly, Social Security payments… Read More

College for one, retirement for the other


Do you have grandparents looking for ways to financially help their grown children or grandchildren? Next time you meet with those clients, offer a way they can help provide an income stream for their child’s retirement and an incentive for a grandchild to finish college using a cash accumulation strategy with an indexed universal life… Read More

AARP: Social Security Another Magic Stimulus – Part 1

Psychology defines magical thinking as continued belief with no rational theory or contrary to evidences. I have always loved the accompanying cartoon by Sidney Harris:   Yes, this scientist needs some more work on his models. This form of unrealistic proof is on display in a recent study from AARP, the old American Association of… Read More

Learn to Earn 2013 Inspires Producers Toward a New Mission

Learn to Earn, Creative Marketing

How much can be packed into a day-and-a-half training event? Attendees of Learn to Earn 2013, held October 2-4 in Overland Park, Kansas, discovered enough new ideas, operational tips and inspiring words to soar to new heights. > Relive Learn to Earn 2013 with photos and videos of the instructional presentations. The event kicked off… Read More

Beyond the death benefit with life insurance


An alternative way to diversify: life insurance can offer a competitive portfolio option with less volatility. Many clients today are looking for a way to diversify their portfolios without taking more risk than they can confidently handle. Yet, when they think about life insurance, they only think in terms of the benefits surrounding protection against… Read More