Ashley BarlowSenior Copywriter - Creative Edge

Partner Will Moneymaker to Retire from CreativeOne

November 14 2016

by Ashley Barlow - Senior Copywriter

Having been a foundation of leadership at CreativeOne for the last 21 years, Will Moneymaker has made plans to retire this December. The birth of his first grandchild and a calling to serve others give Will much to look forward to in his upcoming golden years. Coming from a background in operations and product management… Read More

CreativeOne Releases App with Real-Time Updates

To provide advisors with the ability to access on-the-go case updates and carrier contracts in real time, CreativeOne set out to create an efficient and easy-to-use app, and over the past few months has been releasing the app to its advisors. To better understand the backstory of the app and learn about it from inception… Read More

A Word from the Wise: Stephen Stricklin

A Word from the Wise features expertise from industry-related professionals to put you at the top of your game. When Stephen Stricklin founded Wise Wealth LLC, he was motivated by the desire to bring financial wisdom to his clients. A former teacher and counselor, Stephen understands the role knowledge plays in wealth management and preservation… Read More