FGL Performance Pro changes


Please note that the vesting premium bonus on Fidelity & Guaranty Life‘s fixed indexed annuity Performance Pro will change effective for any contracts issued with an 11/22/14 buy date or later. The new vesting premium bonus will be 9% (0-75) and 4.5% (76-80). For more information, please visit http://success.fglife.com/performance-pro-resource-hub  

2015 Insurance Carrier Landscape


Many of our partner companies are in the midst of planning for 2015, as are we at CreativeOne, and I imagine you are for your business or agency as well.  We are drawing some conclusions about the manufacturers of life insurance and annuities and their plans for 2015. Fixed index annuity (FIAs) sales now dominate… Read More

Time Management Techniques for Elite Producers

October 13 2014

by Frank Jaksa - V.P., Tailor Made


One of the attributes of elite level producers is their ability to effectively use their time. In many cases, time management is a primary reason a producer’s practice is not reaching its full potential. Commonly producers who feel pressed for time feel like the business is “running” them instead of the producer running the business…. Read More

8 Clients Event Ideas that Bring Hundreds of Prospects Annually


Even though we use social media and digital marketing to connect with clients and prospects, it’s still important for advisors to have face-to-face contact. This doesn’t always require a one-on-one meeting in an office or home setting. Hosting and inviting a group to an appreciation event can help you enhance relationships with clients, meet qualified… Read More

5 Ways for Advisors to Modernize Their Approach

Great Idea

In the past decade or so, the explosion of Internet commerce and social media has changed the way the world does business. More specifically, these advances in technology have changed consumers. The most successful companies of our time – online-based ventures like Amazon, Apple, Google, eBay, and others – found immense success because they were… Read More

North American Company introduces new volatility control index

September 29 2014

by CreativeOne - www.creativeone.com


North American Company (NAC) announced several annuity product changes to enhance their competitive product line effective September 30, 2014. NEW! Crediting Method with Volatility Control Index NAC’s new Annual Point to Point interest crediting method with index margin and no traditional cap features the S&P 500® Low Volatility Daily Risk Control 5% Index. It is available… Read More

Nationwide New Heights Fixed Indexed Annuity

September 23 2014

by CreativeOne - www.creativeone.com


Now available to you is Nationwide New Heights℠ — a new fixed indexed annuity launched by Nationwide Financial® Created out of a partnership between Annexus® and Nationwide Financial®, this innovative product truly represents the next generation of fixed indexed annuities. But the decision to partner with Nationwide Financial® goes well beyond the ability to deliver… Read More

Boomers flock toward social media

Social Media

Over the past three years, social media use by older Americans has nearly tripled. Not only is the 50-and-up group the fastest growing demographic online; they also make up the majority of the online consumer population. Which social media sites appeal to boomers the most? We know that 76% of Internet users ages 50-64 now go… Read More

“I Gotta Guy” with Diabetes


How does diabetes affect underwriting? Diabetes Mellitus describes a group of metabolic diseases where the blood glucose (blood sugar) is elevated due to inadequate insulin production and/or body cells that do not respond properly to insulin. Individuals with diabetes often experience frequent urination (polyuria), increase thirst (polydipsia), and frequent hunger (polyphagia). There are two main… Read More

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Fiesta with CreativeOne in Cabo this New Years

Creative in Cabo

Get ready to dust off your suitcase and brush up on your Español! CreativeOne is offering top producers the chance to earn a New Year’s getaway to Los Cabos, Mexico. The luxurious, indulgent Hyatt Ziva will be our home for four days and three nights. This five-star, all-inclusive, fully renovated resort features comfortable accommodations and… Read More

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