Fast-Track Applications & Speed-up Revenue


A streamlined approach for underwriting and placement. It’s time to move faster with Principal Accelerated Underwriting One of the biggest challenges in life insurance is the lengthy underwriting process. Anytime you can streamline that process and get the insured a policy quickly is a win — that’s where Accelerated Underwriting comes in. Accelerated Underwriting from the… Read More

FGL Introduces New Digital Resources for Agents


FGL Introduces New Agent Resource Center and HTML5 Fillable Applications At Fidelity & Guaranty Life, we pride ourselves on listening to feedback from our agents on the latest tools needed to build business and save valuable time. And now, we’re once again taking it a step further! Introducing two new tools to support your practice:… Read More

Marrying life-expectancy and cash-accumulation strategies

March 24 2015

by Creative Life Sales Team

Accordia LifeTime Foundation IUL

Lifetime Foundation is a first-of-its-kind permanent life insurance product with death benefit guarantees that adjust to your clients’ changing needs. This innovative new approach offers more guaranteed coverage early on when their life insurance needs are likely the greatest, while maintaining a proportional death benefit guarantee in later years when their focus transitions to savings… Read More

Retirement Income Plans Simplified with IMAX


The Income Maximizer or IMAX is an easy to understand retirement income planning software program that helps producers create retirement income plans for their clients. IMAX helps give a producer’s product recommendations validity as it shows their effect on a client’s retirement income picture. Many Americans today do not spend the necessary time analyzing what their… Read More

North American Rate Change Effective March 10, 2015


Interest Rate Decrease Effective March 10, 2015 Effective March 10, 2015, interest rates are decreasing on most North American annuities, excluding the new NAC BenefitSolutionsSM fixed index annuity. New rates are being finalized and will be complete on March 5, 2015. Watch your email for a rate announcement with the updated rate sheets. New interest… Read More

Focus on Getting Introductions, Not Referrals


We hate to be sold and it’s rampant. Think about when you go to a car lot and the salesman comes up to you and asks if he can help you. What do you say? “I’m just looking.” Because you don’t want to be bothered. Same if you’re shopping for jeans and your wife is… Read More

Business Accelerator: Our New Marketing Credits Program

Business Accelerator

Be bold. Be seen. Be heard. Grow your business. Let’s build something amazing together! CreativeOne is excited about our new credits program, Business Accelerator! It delivers on the principles of purpose, persistence and prosperity. We reward your everyday premium production with account credits. The more annuity and life insurance premiums you generate, beginning at $500,000… Read More

Athene Performance Elite Rates


ATHENE Performance Elite® Series of Fixed Index Annuities Athene has announced Performance Elite Series of Fixed Index Annuities changes. Rates effective February 2, 2015. Click here for the latest version of the Athene Performance Elite Rates.

American Equity – New Product Announcement

February 20 2015

by CreativeOne -


American Equity is pleased to announce the addition of a new Flexible Premium Deferred Indexed Annuity Series. The new Choice Series offers competitive rates with an option of a 6, 8 or 10 year surrender charge schedule. Choice Series Minimum Initial Premium $10,000 Five Interest Crediting Methods Available Annual Point to Point Cap range from… Read More

Register Now for Nationwide New Heights Webinar


Annexus Exclusive Webinar Series: Avoid These Common Annuity Mistakes  Date: Thursday, February 19, 2015 Time: 1:00pm – 2:00pm (EST) CreativeOne invites you to register now for the first of this series to: Hear about the most common non-qualified annuity titling mistakes Examine the most frequent beneficiary designation issues Learn how the Nationwide New Heights® fixed… Read More