Athene BCA Elevate™ Is Here


August just got a lot hotter! BCA Elevate offers one of the strongest combinations of both accumulation potential and guaranteed income available today! Below are links to the new lineup of consumer materials; featuring the new Merrill Lynch RPM Index™, 3 new income riders and the enhanced death benefit rider. Access Marketing Materials: New Merrill Lynch RPM… Read More

Vanguard Conference: Surfing, Sailing or Spa?

August 16 2016

by Creative Life Sales Team

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Cascading waterfalls. Glistening beaches. 
Intriguing natural wonders. This is the 2017 Vanguard Conference!  This is Paradise, Hawaiian Style! If you haven’t qualified for the 2017 Vanguard Conference in beautiful Kauai, Hawaii, don’t worry—you still have plenty of time. Qualification ends December 30, 2016. For some inspiration to push you to meet your goal, visit the… Read More

The Blitz: Don’t Get Declined, Use a Proper Design

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The Blitz from VOYA: 15-minute sales ideas used by successful agents. Proper IUL Design Monday & Tuesday | 1PM Central Join the meeting >> Call in: 888.311.2948 Participant code: 962542 This week you’ll learn: Optimal funding schedules. How to minimize cost of insurance. Withdrawals vs. loans. How to maximize distributions.   Upcoming Webinars Client profile:… Read More

4 Ways to Maximize Your Facebook Ad’s Performance


Facebook continues to have an outsized presence in online advertising. As the social media site has advanced over the years, new advertising options have developed. Financial advisors and companies can now use Facebook video ads to reach out to consumers, increase their conversion rates and drive traffic to their website. With the right approach, video… Read More

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Stay on Top of Your Game with CreativeOne’s Income Series


Short on time, but crave the latest to stay on top of your game? You’re invited to view our library of powerful webinars where you’ll learn about the latest industry topics at a time that fits your busy schedule! What better way to maximize your time? Take a listen and learn! Income Series 101: Accessing… Read More

Knock, Knock … It’s Opportunity at Your Door

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At a time when the current-rate environment is forcing carriers to reduce rates, a unique opportunity has presented itself for producers in Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Minnesota, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah and Washington. What’s the opportunity … the rates on Nine Year New Heights Strategy A got better! How much better? You can now provide your clients 20 percent… Read More

Download The Barron’s 2016 Best Annuities Chart


Barron’s, one of America’s top financial newspapers and magazines, recently published its sixth-annual review of the most competitive annuity products in the marketplace focusing on providing guaranteed income for life. Within Barron’s chart, the publication highlights the 50 most competitive products available today, comparing and contrasting the primary income annuity alternatives including variable annuities, deferred… Read More

CreativeOne Releases App with Real-Time Updates

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To provide advisors with the ability to access on-the-go case updates and carrier contracts in real time, CreativeOne set out to create an efficient and easy-to-use app, and over the past few months has been releasing the app to its advisors. To better understand the backstory of the app and learn about it from inception… Read More

Probability & Interest Returns

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Capped vs. Uncapped Life Products CreativeOne is known for being the leader in life insurance income. Join us as we evaluate capped vs. uncapped interest options for unlimited growth potential. Further your understanding on how to use income strategies as we review back-tested performance to analyze probability and the various accumulation methods used to drive insurance… Read More

Strong Strategies for Estates and Wealth Transfer

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Join the discussion as The Lafayette Life Insurance Company takes a look at estate strategies, wealth-transfer techniques, and the ways in which life insurance may play a role. Estate Strategies 101 July 21 at 11:30 a.m. CDT Presented by Michael J. Buckner, CLU, ChFC, CPC, QPA, QKA Register >> All of a client’s assets in… Read More